Tia's massage treatments ...

Each treatment is bespoke, designed to target areas of tension and promote deep relaxation.  Book your massage according to the length of time you would like.  Tia will then make a plan with you during a brief consultation regarding which areas of the body to treat – for example whether to do a full body treatment, or focus on specific areas such as back, neck or legs.

Tia fuses traditional Swedish massage techniques, kneading and manipulating soft tissues, with those drawn from Thai yoga massage in order to integrate stretches and joint mobilisation, to create a wonderfully thorough and nourishing massage.  See more information on Tia's treatments.

Tia works from a treatment room at Botelet which changes with the seasons; you may be in a cosy room inside the farmhouse, warmed by the fire in an historic cottage, or receiving your treatment in a rustic space alight with candles.