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Tia Tamblyn massage Cornwall

The benefits of massage...

Massage is a wonderfully nurturing tool for promoting health and wellness.  By manipulating soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, warming and lengthening the tissues to promote circulation and target knotted, fibrotic areas, this action stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems which encourages blood and lymph flow, both of which play a central role in maintaining good health.  Improved circulation through massage helps to oxygenate and supply nutrients to cells, as well as draining away waste products.

Massage can bring great relief to muscular tension for example with tense shoulders and lower back pain.  Conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, muscle spasms and repetitive or sports injuries can be helped through treatment.

As well as aiding physiological issues, by promoting relaxation and easing tension, massage can improve sleep and digestion and provide relief from conditions including depression, stress and anxiety.

Modern life puts pressure on the body - desk- and computer-based work, long hours, societal pressures and the juggling of work, family and social commitments take their toll.  Receiving regular massage treatments can help to keep both body and mind in a state of wellbeing.

Tia Tamblyn massage Cornwall

Tia's approach to massage ...

Tia fuses traditional Swedish massage techniques with those drawn from Thai yoga massage to create a wonderfully thorough and nourishing treatment.

Swedish massage involves kneading and manipulating soft tissues; Tia also utilises some Thai techniques to stretch out and mobilise the limbs, opening up the body, releasing holding patterns and enhancing the benefits to the body of the treatment.

Traditional Thai massages take place on a mat on the floor, however Tia combines techniques from Thai massage with Swedish massage with the recipient lying on a massage couch.

Each treatment begins with a brief consultation to discuss any health conditions and make a plan for which areas to of the body to work on. Tia will then use her discretion to bring in Swedish or Thai techniques as appropriate, to give a treatment that will be most beneficial for you. 

Tia uses natural, organic oils made by Neal's Yard during her treatments.

Do contact Tia with any questions about receiving a massage.